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‘To be the best that you can be’

Pupil Premium

What is ‘Pupil Premium’ funding?


Pupil Premium funding is an annual allocation of funds from the Government given to schools across the country. Each school’s funding allocation is calculated according to the number of pupils at the school who have been registered as eligible for ‘free school meals’ (FSM) in the last six years and for children who are ‘Looked After’ (CLA), in care, for more than six months or adopted from care. Children from service families or whose parents have been in the services in the last 3 years also receive additional funding. These funds are used to provide additional support and intervention for all students, but with a particular focus on those in receipt of FSM/Pupil Premium funding. A key area where these funds are targeted is to ensure the continued personal, social and emotional progress of children as well as academic achievement.


If you think that you may qualify, please either ask for a form in the school office, or apply directly on the Somerset County Council website using this link:


Please read the information below which gives details of our Pupil Premium Grant and how we allocate the funding.


Pupil Premium Report 2017-2018

Pupil Premium Report 2016-2017

Pupil Premium Funding


Pupil Premium Funding is provided by the Government to address the underlying equalities between children eligible for free school meals and those who are not. It is for schools to choose how their allocation is spent due to being best placed to assess what provision will be most effective for the individual pupils.

Pupil Premium Report 2015-2016


Click here for DFE guidance regarding Pupil Premium