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The Federation of Priddy & St Lawrence’s

‘To be the best that you can be’


As an Inclusive Dyslexic Friendly School we have a strong awareness of Dyslexic tendencies.  Staff have been trained and are fully aware of difficulties and various signs when identifying a child with possible Dyslexia.  If the class teacher is concerned, they are able to gather evidence, try different strategies and then will involve the SENCo who will offer further support and may do any assessments to identify difficulties in more detail.  As parents, you will also be involved in the process to help gather information to provide an overall picture of a child’s needs.  The SENCo/class teacher will be in contact with you to share their initial concerns and ask for your opinion on issues.


Although we are not able to diagnose Dyslexia, please be reassured that being able to identify difficulties and putting the appropriate provision in place is the key to success.   If necessary, with parental permission, the SENCo can send a referral to the Learning Support Service for a further clarification of need.


People with Dyslexia can also be known as ‘creative thinkers’ and have strengths which must not be forgotten!  We are keen to celebrate strengths of all individual children.  Dyslexia can make certain literacy work more challenging for some children, however, it can also bring out creative skills and talents such as sport, music, thinking ‘outside of the box’ (lateral thinking),  unique and creative ideas and visualising the ‘bigger picture’.


Famous Dyslexics:

What skills did they have that helped them become successful in their chosen field?  Dyslexics have strengths too!  Watch this powerful youtube clip:

The Power Of Dyslexia about Famous Dyslexics

We understand Dyslexic difficulties.

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