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The Federation of Priddy & St Lawrence’s

‘To be the best that you can be’

Absence from School

Parents are required to inform the school as soon as possible (by 09:30am at the latest) if their child is absent or due to be absent. This should be done on every day of absence.


Parents are asked to inform us of any absences as follows:



By phone

01749 870437

By email


Pupils’ punctuality will be regularly monitored. Sanctions will be put in place when it is appropriate to do so. Parents will be contacted to discuss persistent lateness, and lateness after the close of the registers could result in a request for support from the Education Safeguarding Service.


When parents make daily contact regarding their child’s absence, that contact and the reasons for absence will be recorded. Absences will be coded on the child’s register in line with the reason for that absence.


The decision about how absences are coded rests with the Headteacher (Sharon Foxall) and in some cases, absences may not be authorised even when a reason is provided.


Additional information or evidence may be requested before an absence is authorised. This may occur when there are concerns about a pupil’s attendance, even if it is related to illness, or when the reason provided is believed to be false.


Unexplained absences may result in contact being made with parents and a home visit being made to speak with the parent or the pupil and put support in place, as needed.

Authorisation of Absence

In line with legislation and Local Authority guidance, pupil absences can only be authorised when:


  • a pupil is too unwell to attend school
  • a pupil is attending a medical appointment that is unavoidable
  • a pupil is taking part in a recognised religious observance
  • a pupil is prevented from attending due to school transport not being available (this only applies to transport that is arranged by the Local Authority or the school)


Absences may also be authorised at the discretion of the Head Teacher (Sharon Foxall) when:


  • term-time leave is requested, and the circumstances are exceptional
  • a pupil has one or more medical appointments
  • the parent of a pupil is engaged in a trade that requires them to travel and they have previously attended school as often as the nature of that trade permits (this relates only to families with Traveller status)
  • other exceptional circumstances (e.g. a close family bereavement)

If your child requires medicine on their return, please complete the below form and bring it in with your child.

Medicine Authorisation form